Play Hospital

22 August 2019


A story of a wish coming true, this project aims to protect the important role of play in children’s hospitals. Olga Sbutega is a mom of a young patient in treatment for more than two years now at the Day Hospital (DH) of the Onco-Hematology Ward at the Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital. In these months of mandatory hospitalization, Olga understood the potential that play activities offer to children and the importance of creating new opportunities for play. 

For her little girl and all her friends at the ward, play has a rather precious value; it can change the course of their long and tiresome days. It is with this thought that she started her research, which led her to LeuceVia.

Right away we started sharing the same dream: gifting toys to these children so their days can be filled with smiles. To make this dream a reality, a fundraiser was started on Facebook for Olga’s birthday with the idea to give structure to the project of distributing play and educational material, initially only at the Day Hospital of the Oncology and Hematology Ward of the Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital, but with the intention to extend the distribution to other wards and other pediatric hospitals. To complete this fantastic work of raising awareness, while keeping toys as the central theme – the popular chain of shops Flying Tiger Copenhagen entered the project and, having understood the noble cause of this initiative, made its products available.

And so the “Play Hospital” project came to life as a continuous flow of toys, notebooks, puzzle, markers, paint brushes, canvas bags for coloring, themed latex patches, play-doh jars and many other fun items. The mission, with the essential help of the Bambino Gesù Children’s Hospital team, is to encourage and spread the message of the importance of play activities in pediatric wards in hospitals, where they help the psychological adjustment of children to illness and reduce the trauma of hospitalization.


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