31 July 2019

Assigning your 5xMille Tax Contribution will not cost you anything since it is actually a percentage (0,5%) of your income tax that the government gives to charity.

If you do not choose the recipient of your 5xMille,the government keeps that money….

Is it difficult to assign your 5xMille to the LeuceVia Non-profit? NO – it’s very simple!

– Fill in your 730 Tax Form, Wage and Tax Statement (CUD) or Tax Return Form (Modello Unico)
– Sign the box “support the non-profit organizations for social benefit and promotion”
– Write our non-profit’s tax code: 97884370582

Can a person not filing their own tax returns assign their “5xMille” to LeuceVia non-profit? Of course!

You can ask your employer or the authority paying your pension for the appropriate form (filled in and in a closed envelope), which you can then deliver to your local post office, bank or an intermediary that has a data transmission terminal (tax assistance center, accountant etc.). On the envelope, you need to write “5xMille IRPEF Assignment” with the last name, first name and the tax ID number of the contributor.